Youthslead:: Nigeria Youth Empowerment Platform Determine to make you succeed

This is the Nigerian Youth Engagement and Empowerment Online Platform.

YouthsLead; an online platform Design for Nigerian youth in order to engage and empower them.

You earn significant weekly income by using your mobile phone to carry out activities like

1) Article Publication

Writing articles or poems on any exciting subject pays you up to N5,000 per article.

2) Think and Grow Rich
 Sharing youth engagement and business ideas pays you up to N50,000 per idea with an opportunity to be hired to implement it.

3) Platform Promotion

Inviting your friends, contacts and fans to do the same thing also pays you handsomely.

4) Contest and Competitions

As a Member any award or recognition obtained in any area of your life i.e Education, Sports, Music, Beauty Peagent e.t.c gets a recognition and cash reward of up to N100,000 on this platform.

5) Commission on Adverts Fees

 If you introduce any company to advertise on the website, you will earn 5% of the advert fees and many many more things you cannot even imagine.

6) African Art, Visual(Photography) and Fashion
Are you skilled in any of these areas? Why wait for income only when purchases are made? Earn income once your Art, Photography work or Fashion design is appreciated. Earn up to N10,000.00 per 100 rating for your work.

No travelling unless on an all expense paid trips abroad for Leadership trainings or recognitions

No sales of any kind

You just use your mobile phones, tablets, laptop or PC's to interact with people just like we are doing right now and you can start earning significant income.


YOUTHSLEAD Coordinate and work with various National and International Organizations and top Online Job sites to provide its qualified youths (members) with credible opportunities and leads to grow their careers

The career opportunities are divided into
1) Skilled (Fashion Design / Computer Programming, Website Design and Graphic Design)
2) Graduate Trainees (Fresh Graduates)
3) Experienced Professionals

How much do i pay to become a Register Member?

The incredible part is that the Sign up (Registration) is free.

Just login to and signup, after signing up go to your your email account you used while signing up, click the activation link to activate your account.

I strongly Recommend you Signup with my affiliate link

for the below reason.

Once you register with my affiliate link, all you have to do is send me a message using my whataspps number 08104362947, once i confirmed your registration then you will be added to my whatapps Group.
there you will be given all the advices and supports that you need.

I believe you now have a basic idea of the goals of the YOUTH Empowerment platform.
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