Blisk:: the new browser built for web developers

In other for web developers to create a mobile friendly website, they have to  make sure thattheir website reacts to different screen resolution. Now there is a developer focus browser that make that process more easier than before.

Blisk is a free browser built for web development, Blisk  isn't made for the typical Internet surfer. It comes with a bunch of features that caters to web developers who want to test their projects without jumping between multiple devices and browsers at once.
 It enables fast development, debugging and testing of modern web sites.

Blisk browser enables developers to preview their changes as they code across multiple devices simultaneously.

Blisk features:

- Devices inside the Browser
- Actions sync (scroll sync, URL sync)
- Web page auto refresh
- Web page analytics
- Taking screenshots and videos
- Integrations with top used tools and services

Blisk browser is a web developer dream come true

How does blisk work?

Here is a video that shows how blisk works

blisk brower is available on Windows and Mac but there are plans to bring it to linux.

Download Blisk: 

If you have any question or contributions, you the comment box.


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