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Do you know the differences between HTTP and HTTPS?


What is the difference between http and https? 

Don't know how many of you are aware of this difference,
 but it is worth sending to any that do not...

**The main difference between
*http:// and https:// is It's all about keeping you secure*

** HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol

The *S*(big surprise) stands for *"Secure"..*
If you visit a website or web page, and look at the address in the web browser,
 it will likely begin with the following: http://
This means that the website is talking to your browser using the regular
'unsecured' language.

In other words, it is possible for someone to "eavesdrop" on your
computer's conversation with the website.
If you fill out a form on the website, someone might see
the information you send to that site.

This is why you never ever ever enter your credit card number in
 an http website! But if the web address begins with https://,
that basically means your computer is talking to the website
in a secu…

Youthslead:: Nigeria Youth Empowerment Platform Determine to make you succeed

This is the Nigerian Youth Engagement and Empowerment Online Platform.
YouthsLead; an online platform Design for Nigerian youth in order to engage and empower them.

You earn significant weekly income by using your mobile phone to carry out activities like

1) Article Publication

Writing articles or poems on any exciting subject pays you up to N5,000 per article.

2) Think and Grow Rich
 Sharing youth engagement and business ideas pays you up to N50,000 per idea with an opportunity to be hired to implement it.

3) Platform Promotion

Inviting your friends, contacts and fans to do the same thing also pays you handsomely.

4) Contest and Competitions

As a Member any award or recognition obtained in any area of your life i.e Education, Sports, Music, Beauty Peagent e.t.c gets a recognition and cash reward of up to N100,000 on this platform.

5) Commission on Adverts Fees

 If you introduce any company to advertise on the website, you will earn 5% of the advert fees and many many more things you cannot eve…

How To Easily Run Duplicate Apps And Accounts On Android Phones

How To Run Duplicate Apps And Accounts On Android Phones Easily

Running duplicate app have been made easy with the help of an app called Parallel space.
This app help to clone a new app from the original app.
Parallel space is a easy to use and setup app.

Benefits of Running duplicate app

It make it possible to run a two separate account on the same phone at the same time. Having a personal and a business/brand social account on same device, for example running two separate social account like, facebook, twitter, instagram, whatapps or even running separate email account, e.t.c.

Step to Run Duplicate app on same android phone

Download parallel space app from Google play store.

At the home of Parallel Spaces there are three options; Invisible Installation, Control Center, and a + symbol at the bottom

The Invisible Installation allows you install apps that won't be seen on your app drawer only within the Parallel Spaces App, this option requires you to add another Google/gmail account which…

How to Subscribe for MTN N25 for 500MB

How to subscribe for Mtn N25 for 500mb plan

The Mtn mid night plan of N25 for 500mb is an opportunity for Mtn users who are looking for cheap data to downloads games, apps, music, movies, files at cheaper rate.

The plan is valid from 12a.m to 4a.m every night.

To get Mtn 500mb for N25

Your must be on the Mtn Pulse tariff plan. To migrate to mtn pulse you can simply dial *406#, if you don't know your current tariff plan dial *123# to confirm.

Make sure you have a minimum of N30 naira on your sim.

Dial Night to 131 to subscribe. You will receive a text message saying “Dear customer, you have successfully subscribed to Free Night Browsing between 00:00 and 04:00. N25 has been deducted from your account.”

Every sim is entitled to subscribe once per night. But if you have more than one Mtn sim card, you can then activate the the plan to your other Mtn sim card.
Don't forget that these plan only works between the hour of 12a.m to 4a.m.
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How Can Parents Sustain Healthy Relations with Their Teens

How Can Parents Sustain Healthy Relations with Their Teens Maintaining good relations with children is necessary for all parents in order to bring them up in the best manners. The parents should be careful about the activities of their teens and focus on their excellent habits. Teens like to share their problems with their parents, whether it’s mom or dad and for this reason it’s necessary that parents must give their teens due care and spend time with them when they need it. Parents keep eyes on their children to make sure that their teens don’t get into dangerous habits and social media is really a dangerous place for the teens and new generations. Using monitoring apps is very good for saving teens from the outside dangers of social media and other bullying elements but it should be done when the teens are aware about it that their parents have installed a monitoring app on their cell phones. TheOneSpy app prefers it the most that children should be informed when parents keep eyes o…

3+ Ways to Leveraging the Power of Relationships

3+ Ways to Leveraging the Power of Relationships
Guest Post by: Theodore Nwangene
Theodore Nwangene is a Freelance Writer and on a journey to help bloggers and entrepreneurs build a better and profitable blog, increase visibility and boost their online authority. He also writes insanely helpful guides on blogging/marketing at Get his free report on How to Write Kick-Ass Blog Posts That Will Always Swoon Your Readers

So, I discovered a powerful secret one afternoon at the cafe when I was writing, chatting on my social accounts and updating my then blog – FiverrLab dot Com
It was so powerful that I was sure it would work and of course I'd got results and I'm sure if you try it as well, you will soon be smiling to the bank every month.

So what is this simple secret?
Well, I call it "Leveraging the Power of Relationships".
Relationship sir/ma is the highest need and it seems to me that every great and commanding steps in the annals of the world is only tra…

Blisk:: the new browser built for web developers

In other for web developers to create a mobile friendly website, they have to  make sure thattheir website reacts to different screen resolution. Now there is a developer focus browser that make that process more easier than before.
Blisk is a free browser built for web development, Blisk  isn't made for the typical Internet surfer. It comes with a bunch of features that caters to web developers who want to test their projects without jumping between multiple devices and browsers at once.
 It enables fast development, debugging and testing of modern web sites.

Blisk browser enables developers to preview their changes as they code across multiple devices simultaneously.

Blisk features:

- Devices inside the Browser
- Actions sync (scroll sync, URL sync)
- Web page auto refresh
- Web page analytics
- Taking screenshots and videos
- Integrations with top used tools and services

Blisk browser is a web developer dream come true
How does blisk work?

Here is a video that shows how blisk works

blisk bro…

ZOTO Recharge App: How to Get Free N1000 Airtime For MTN Glo Etisalat And Airtel

ZOTO is a mobile money and mobile commerce service licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria in 2014. Zoto is the fastest and most secure mobile payment solution in Nigeria. Zoto users are able to perform transactions such as airtime top-up in a secure and convenient manner.

Benefits of recharging with zoto

-Lets you credit any Nigerian network
-Simplifies airtime recharge process
-and rewards you for each recharge -For example

If you join zoto for the first time you will be welcomed with ZOTO50, a coupon that gives you 50% cashback (up to N100) that you can use once you make your first recharge -and the best part is when you spend it,  you get even more!

How to sign up for Zoto

Simply click on the link below to download Zoto app

After downloading Zoto app, all you have to do is complete your profile and click start getting cashback and get 50% cashback (up to N100) on your first recharge!

Zoto Referral Program

When you  Invite your friends to download and try Zoto a…