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How to buy airtime directly from your bank account with your mobile phone

Imagine you found yourself stranded in an area where you have no access in purchasing airtime or you don't even have a penny at that moment to purchase an airtime,  no access to an ATM machine, not even a data to puchase topup airtime credit online, but you have money in your bank account, all you simply need to do is dial the recharge ussd code for purchasing airtime credit from your bank account.
the amount of airtime credit you purchase will be deduted from your bank account and replace with money on you mobile phone.

Buying airtime credit directly from your bank account is as simple as drinking a glass of water.
Have this in mind  that

 Customers of the following bank can only purchase airtime with the GSM number registered with the bank.This service is available for MTN, GLO, AIRTEL and ETISALAT networks.

Below are the list of supported bank, their ussd code and daily limit.

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) USSD Recharge Code

For self recharge Simply dial *737*amount# on your phone
E.g. *73…

Infographic-How to monitor manage workplace

When it comes to maintaining healthy and peaceful environment in the workplace, monitoring of employees becomes inevitable. Employees should be monitored in offices because they have been found with lack of interest and no passion at all as well. The stats are eye opening for the employers and the managers working at senior positions who are assigned to administer staff. They can handle the situations and maintain perfect environment if they will use the monitoring apps. There are a number of benefits associated with monitoring employees and the few include increase in productivity, reducing financial losses, boosting sales and above all enhancing confidence of the employees who are often discouraged and bullied by the senior group of employees. For more details, stats and mitigation measures, the users can check our Infographic.


Glo surprises Nigerians as they release cheaper data plans

Some days ago Glo released the prices of their new data plans which is by far the cheapest data plan so far compared to other network providers.

Glo was offering N1,000 for 1.5GB  but now the same N1,000 now goes for 2GB,
N2,500 that goes for 5GB now Goes for 10GB.
Below is a list of all the new data plan bundles released.

Plan Name | Price (₦) | Data Volume | Validity | SMS to 127 | USSD Code Always Micro | 1,000 | 2GB | 30 Days | 53 | *127*53# My Phone | 2,000 | 6GB | 30 Days | 55 | *127*55# So Special | 2,500 | 10GB | 30 Days | 58 | *127*58# Always Macro | 3,000 | 12GB | 30 Days | 54 | *127*54# N4,000 Data Plan | 4,000 | 18GB | 30 Days | 59 |*127*59# Always Min | 5,000 | 24GB | 30 Days | 11 | *127*2# Always Max | 8,000 | 48GB | 30 Days | 12 |*127*1# Silver | 10,000 | 11GB | 30 Days | 15 | *127*11# Gold | 15,000 | 60GB | 30 Days | 16 | *127*12# Platinum | 18,000 | 90GB | 30 Days | 17 | *127*13# If you care share.

Educational Benefits of Internet Blogging

According to educational specialists Drs. Fernette and Brock Eide, the use of blogs in an educational setting produces several benefits. These benefits include the promotion of critical and analytical thinking, increased access and exposure to quality content and a combination of solitary and social interactions with peers. The educational benefits of blogging can also extend to the administrative and teaching aspects of how a class operates.

Critical and Analytical Thinking
Peter Duffy, Educational Development Officer at Open University America, and Dr. Axel Bruns, Media and Communication, Creative Industries faculty member at Queensland University of Technology, suggest that students can benefit from the structure of a blog in several ways. A blog provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate critical thinking skills and to employ language and writing principles that demonstrate analytical thought and comprehension. Blogs also give students a platform from which creative risks …