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3 easy ways to download YouTube videos to your Android smartphone

So many of my friends have been having problems downloading video(s) on youtube, so i decide to setup this post to help anyone who have been having difficulty in downloading YouTube video(s).
There are so many ways to download video(s) from youtube, I will be showing you 3 ways you can download video(s) from  the world most popular video search engine youtube to your android smartphone.

The updated youtube app let you save videos from YouTube offline, The saved video(s) can not be played, access  from your phone storage or SD storage, it's only available inside the YouTube app.

I will now be showing you 3 easy ways to download YouTube videos

1. Tubemate app ==>Download & install

This app not only help you download videos from youtube, but from other popular videos sharing websites such as,, e.t.c.
But for the sake of the tutorial I will only  be showing you how to download youtube videos from tubemate app.

After installing tubemate , open the app cli…