how to stop apps and websites from posting on your Facebook timeline

This type of posting on Facebook timeline is common these days, it is caused by websites and app used by a company or pages, to promote their notoriety, services, offers on your Facebook timeline,  posted in form of news, promotional offers, gossips, sharing of pornography images or videos e.t.c.

Steps to stop website from using apps to post on you timeline.

Goto on your mobile smartphone and make sure you are logged in.

Click Apps 

Click Logged in with facebook

All  apps that are logged in with your Facebook account will be displayed.

Select the apps you want to remove, details of the selected app will be displayed.

Scroll down and click Remove app.

Once you remove the app, it will no longer have access to your data and will be removed from your profile, timeline, bookmarks, and Apps Page.

You will no longer be seeing post from that website or company that uses that app, if you still see the previous post of the app you can still remove it

Tips to prevent websites and apps posting in your Facebook timeline.

Never login with your Facebook account, or facebook account details such as username and password to any websites, blogs, forum, e.t.c, except your facebook account.

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