how to setup blogger comments and protect it from spammers

comment helps to builds backlink, drives traffic, improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO), builds relationship with your subscribers, readers, and co-bloggers in your blog, it can also be used for SPAMMING.

At the end of this post you would know how to setup your comment and also prevent comment spammers from spamming your blog through comment.

Follow the below steps,

Go to your blogger dashboard and select your blog.

Locate settings, click select posts and comments

Under comments
If commencements box is not showing on your blog then in comments location select "embedded"

Who can connect, select "anyone"

Comment moderation select "always"
in the Email moderation request  drop a valid email address, in which you will be notify when a reader comments on your post.
Show word verification click "yes"
Show backlinks select "show"

comment form message  is a way of encouraging your readers to comment on your post. you can write, for example "please comment below" you can also style it up with html if you wish to.

Save settings you are done.

 Note    -->  when users comments on your blog post, you will be notify by email, the comment will be sent to your comment moderation page, there you are allowed to view publish or delete. in that way if you notice any comment in form of spam you can easily delete it. in that way spam comment will not display in your blog comment list.
If you have any comment feel free to drop it here.


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