how to add widgets/gadgets to blogger

As a way of helping newbie bloggers, I will be sharing how to add widgets to your blog.

What are widgets or Gadgets.

Widgets, also known as gadgets, are tools that can be added to a website or blog to enhance its content or functions, or to pull content and services from third-party websites.  widgets in Blogger serve the purpose of enhancing your blog, such as listing your blog followers or allowing readers to subscribe to your blog content.

To add widget follow the below steps;

Login to your blogger dashboard
A list of all your blog will be shown, select the blog you want to add widgets.

Click layout
Select where you want to add widgets and click add gadgets.
Then you will be taken to a page where you can browse through all the categories of widgets in blogger. to search for a specific widgets, you can also use the search form which is also available in the same page.
After choosing a widgets click on the blue plus(+) sign symbol to add the widgets to your blog layout.

Add a custom widget to Blogger using the HTML and JavaScript widget.
 The HTML and JavaScript widget within Blogger is a blank widget that allows you to add or paste third-party functionality or other code to your blog. The HTML and JavaScript widget can be found by clicking on "Add a Gadget" from the Blogger Layout screen.

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