Get Glo Bis 3GB for 1K and Enjoying Surfing with Your Android Phones and PC

I've been using the glo Bis plan for surfing the internet for  months now both in my android phone and pc, and I will be sharing it here with you.

Requirement to  subscribe for glo bis android smartphone

Your android smartphones must be rooted and your imei number changed to that if blackberry to enjoy glo bis, if you your android smartphone is rooted and your imei is change to that of Blackberry then read on, if not I have earlier written a post on how to get your android mtk smartphones such as techno, gionee other mtk phones rooted  and I also posted on how to change the imei number of your android smartphones to that of blackberry 

Setting up your glo mobile APN

To setup new APN navigate to settings > Mobile Networks  > Access point names and click on glo network. Then click on the Option > click New APN

 Now create the APN as follow: 
Name: GLO BIS 
APN type,proxy,port,username, password should be blank (not set)
Other settings should be left at default.

Activate the created APN account.

Subscribing to the glo bis plan

Recharge your glo sim with N1000 card
Send COMONTH to 777 then you will receive a text message that your subscription is successful.
It is recommended that your switch off your phone for  1 hour for easy progation, when your mobile phone is switch on your start browsing.

To connect your android smart phone to pc you share it through Wi-Fi hotspot. Read this post to know how to tether your android Wi-Fi hotspot to your PC.

Enjoy  feel free to share with your friends.


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