blogger domain name not redirecting to blog without www. fixed

Few days back my domain name without www was not redirecting to my blog. So my blog was not accessible by users who did not include www to the address in their browsers, it cost me loss of traffic.



With the help of my domain technical support team I was able to locate where the error was comming from and resolve it on time. So I decided to share it with you incase you encounter such error with your blogger custom domain  name anytime, you would know how to fixed it.

Follow below Steps 

 login to your Blogger settings page and edit the Publishing section. Navigate to Blogger Dashboard>>Settings>>Basic. Click on "Edit" in the "Publishing" section. If the tick-box "Redirect to" has already been marked, then remove the mark and "Save" the Settings. Write the domain name you want to connect to, without www (Example: and add a blank space before it, as naked domain is not allowed in Blogger. For example: "", then "Save".
If you you access my blog without www. now you would notice, it now redirects.

Let me know if it work for you.


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