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how to change android mtk(mediatek) smartphones imei number to blackberry


1.Your android smartphone must be rooted.
Recommended-> Learn how to root techno, gionee, and other mtk phones without pc here  

For you to change your android mtk  phones imei successfully, your phone must be rooted.
If your phone is rooted read on to get your imei changed.

Application needed

Mobile uncle >> download hereBbgen (blackberry generator) by codeberg >>download hereDisclaimer

Changing of IMEI is illegal in some countries, and I will not be held responsible for any consequences that befall the changer.

Also, make sure you copy  your original imei  number down in a safe place, incase you want to change it back for future use.

Generating your BlackBerry imei number

Open your bbgen and tap generate BlackBerry imei, copy the generated imei number down for sim 1
Tap the generate blackberry  imei again and copy the new imei number down for sim 2.

Changing your imei with mobile uncle

 Open your mobile uncle app, locate and click on Engineer modeClick on engineer mode…

Get Glo Bis 3GB for 1K and Enjoying Surfing with Your Android Phones and PC

I've been using the glo Bis plan for surfing the internet for  months now both in my android phone and pc, and I will be sharing it here with you.

Requirement to  subscribe for glo bis android smartphone
Your android smartphones must be rooted and your imei number changed to that if blackberry to enjoy glo bis, if you your android smartphone is rooted and your imei is change to that of Blackberry then read on, if not I have earlier written a post on how to get your android mtk smartphones such as techno, gionee other mtk phones rooted  and I also posted on how to change the imei number of your android smartphones to that of blackberry 
Setting up your glo mobile APN

To setup new APN navigate to settings > Mobile Networks  > Access point names and click on glo network. Then click on the Option > click New APN

Now create the APN as follow:
Name: GLO BIS 
APN: APN type,proxy,port,username, password should be blank (not set) Other settings should be left at default.

how to connect pc internet to android mobile via wifi

To connect your PC wireless to your android mobile in other to share internet connection, follow this steps below. Note: The steps below was done on a Computer with Windows 7 OS installed. 

1. First of all, switch on your android mobile WiFi connection and hotspot, set it to share internet connection with other devices. Assign a network security password for your hotspot.

2. Then on your PC, click Start => Control Panel => Network and Sharing Center. see pix below

3. In the dialog box that appears, click Set up a new connection or network, as shown in the picture below.

4. In a pop up dialog box, select connect to the internet, then click next, you will be asked do you want to use a connection you already have? Select the No create a new account radio button and click next.

5. In the next dialog box, you will be asked how do you want to connect? ClickWireless

and a pop up box will appear below right of your PC screen as seen in the picture below.

6. You will see the name of your wirele…

10 benefits of blogging

Nearly 40% of U.S companies use blogs for marketing purposes, a report published somewhere across the Internet tells us that there are 6,94,000 search on Google in every single minute.
How do these 7 million people get the answers to their questions every minute? Their questions are answered by various bloggers!

 What is a blog? A Blog is a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.
Blogging is a creative way to express your feelings, reach out to potential customers, and improve your communication skills. Whether you’re blogging for profit or fun, a blog gives you the power to communicate with people all over the world at the click of a mouse.

Who is a blogger?
A blogger is one who post article(s) that is of interest to its subscribers in a blog.

Why you should start blogging, or use blogging for marketing purposes?

There are over 3,221,671,000 internet users, that is to say 40% of the worl…

glo gives 200% promo bonus for every recharge

I have been enjoying the awoof for quit some time now, so I decided to share it with you

Glo 200% bonus is a recharge based promotion rewarding customers who dial *200# with the following benefits:
• 100% Bonus on recharge of N100 . Valid for 7 days
• 200% Bonus on recharge of N200 and above. Valid for 7 days
• Bonus can be used for SMS and calls to all Networks in Nigeria
• N200 weekly Family and friends bonus on recharge for N200 and above
• Free 15MB on recharge of N200 and above to be given once in 7 days. Valid for 5 days
• Free 5MB on recharge of N100 to be given once in 7 days. Valid for 3 days
whenever i recharge N1000 in my main account i get additional N2000 in my bonus account to call any network in 9ja  and the best of it all is the ability to browse, send SMS and make calls to all networks in Nigeria using your bonus balance.
Promo is available for new and existing glo customers.
To opt in dail  the glo USSD code *200#  once is it free.
Any recharges you make after dialing the glo U…

How to embed YouTube video to blog post/page on blogger

Embedding youtube videos on  blog post/pages is very easy, all you need to do is to follow these simply step below;

Goto , choose the video you want to use on your blog post/pages.After you've choose the video you want to embed on your blog post/page, click on shareClick on embedCopy the embedded the code.Go to>> your blog dashboard >> locate the  post or page you want to embed the video>> at the top left corner you will see COMPOSE and HTML click html and paste the codeOn the text editor.Remember the copied code should have a similar format like the one below.<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> You can edit the width and height to fit your taste.After editing the iframe width and height, go to the top left corner of your text editor and click on the COMPOSE link, you can now see your embeded video on…

blogger domain name not redirecting to blog without www. fixed

Few days back my domain name without www was not redirecting to my blog. So my blog was not accessible by users who did not include www to the address in their browsers, it cost me loss of traffic.



With the help of my domain technical support team I was able to locate where the error was comming from and resolve it on time. So I decided to share it with you incase you encounter such error with your blogger custom domain  name anytime, you would know how to fixed it.

Follow below Steps 
 login to your Blogger settings page and edit the Publishing section. Navigate to Blogger Dashboard>>Settings>>Basic. Click on "Edit" in the "Publishing" section. If the tick-box "Redirect to" has already been marked, then remove the mark and "Save" the Settings. Write the domain name you want to connect to, without www (Example: and add a blank space before it, as …

mtn new weekend data plan of N300 for 3gb

Mtn newly introduce an affordable weekend data plan of N300 (three hundred naira) for 3GB.

The plan start 11:59PM on Friday mid night and ends 5:59AM on Monday morning.
How to Subscribe

Make sure you have a minimum of N300 (three hundred naira) on your sim card and dial *131*1*5#.Choose the second option by pressing 2 and tap the send button. N300 naira will be deducted from your account balance your 3GB Data plan will be activated.
These weekend bundle is best recommended for heavy Mtn users who like surfing the internet during weekends than weekdays.

GLO N200 Now Gives You 200mb and Two Other Amazing Offer

Wow!, Glo Nigeria has launch a new offer that let you enjoy browsing, free call and free sms to all network.

N200 recharge now gives you 200mb for browsing + N200 for call and sms to any network + N200 for calling 10 family & friends numbers.

You can also enjoy this offer with N500 recharge card.

How To Subscribe:
1. Buy N200 or N500 recharge card(make sure it is no N100 pieces).

2. Recharge your phone by dailing *223*recharge card pin# then send.

3. Nothing more to do since confirmation message, just for you to connect your internet, start making call and start sending messages.