how to stop Android app from running in background

As an android user, you may have notice that your Android device easily runs down. The reason  is because there are apps that are running in the background of your phone.
 Many apps that run in the background are doing so for good reason: syncronizing, providing location data or otherwise doing what they were designed to do. But not always. But there some apps that are not necessary needed, If you want to know which apps are running excessive background processes or want to stop apps from running in the background entirely continue reading to find out.

How to know which apps is running in the background ?

Android has an inbuilt monitoring system that helps to track apps that are running in the background. 
You can take a look at the screenshot below:
Running apps Stats  shows you which apps are running all the time. Some should, others shouldn't. / © PETERSTECH

To know the list of apps that are running in your background Goto=>settings=>Device=>Apps=>Running there you would see a list of apps that just like the screenshot above.

Which Apps should stop running in the background?

There some apps that your Android Os(operating System) uses to function effectively such apps should not be stop.

Example of apps that the Os depends on: 

Google Search, Google Play services, Google Contacts Sync, Google Keyboard, Google Play Store.

Examples of apps are not basically needed by the Os:
Games apps, music players apps, e.t.c

If you locate your running apps in device settings, you will agree with me that the dependable Os apps are  listed among the running apps. So apps that the android Os (operating system) does not depend should be stop from running.

How to disable, stop and uninstall background apps?

If you have an app that you think is using an unreasonable amount of processor power or seems to be running in the background way more than it should, follow these steps;

Recommended for version 4.4.2 and below.

Force Stop it by going to Settings => under Device =>Apps =>  swip right to the Running tab, tapping the app, then tap Stop.

Recommended for version 5.0.

Disable it in your App Manager by going to Settings => Applications > Application manager, tapping the app, then tapping Disable.

Since the android version 5.0 (Lollipop) update, you can close recent apps easily by tapping the Recent Apps navigation button on your phone (to the right of the home button), then swiping left or right to close apps you ran recently.

Delete it from your phone by going to Settings => Applications => Application manager, tapping the app, then tapping Uninstall


Greenify is an app hibernation app, letting you put apps to sleep when you're not using them. It's basically an automated version of force closing or disabling apps every time you stop using them and then turning them back on when you need them. But doing that manually is a pain. Hence Greenify is one of the best app management apps around.

=>Download Greenify

To get the full benefits of Greenify you need root access, and we have guides on how to root your Techno Phones .

Non-rooted users, for example, won't be able to automatically hibernate apps, but can simply flick a widget switch to put your apps to sleep (not a bad fix if you don't want to root your device). If you're serious about managing your background processes, Greenify is the tool you need.

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