How to set up a blog for free with guide

This post is for those who are new to blogging, and need help in setting up a blog. is recommended for upcoming bloggers because it is free and easy to use.
Blogger is a publishing service owned and managed by google. To own a blog, all you need is a google mail acount. if you have one follow the simple step to create a free blog with blogger. If you don't have Google mail account goto to create a free account.

Creating a blog
Operamini browsers is not supported.
Login to  enter your username and password of your gmail account in the field and click signin. As a first time user, you will be requested to choose between two option, to choose from Google plus  profile identity or limited blogspot profile.
I recommended you use Google plus.
Don't forget to accept terms of service.

Once you login click on new blog. At the top left corner.
Then you will see a title field, address field, and different template to choose from as shown in the image below.

For the title Field enter a suitable title that fit the purpose of your blog, your address name should be unique and avoid using your personal can choose any template of your choice.
Template can be changed anytime .
After you are done click create.

Setting up your blog

Now that you created your blog it time to modify your blog settings.
After creating your blog you we be redirected to to your blog dashboard like the one below

Your Dashboard, is where all your blogs are listed, and you can click on the icons next to them to perform various actions on each blog, such as:

Writing a new post: Just click on the orange Pencil icon on your Dashboard to access the Post Editor.
Viewing your posts: The gray Post List icon will take you to a list of your published and drafted posts for a specific blog.
Catching up on your favorite blogs: Below the list of your own blogs, you’ll see a list of the blogs you follow with an excerpt from their latest posts.

You can click on the drop-down menu next to the Post List icon for a quick link to:


You can also manage your blog by clicking the icon shown in the screenshot below

A new page is displayed as shown below

Where to start from?
Now that you have created your blog, your next question maybe where do I start from?
 try to get used to the environment , explore the links you see on the left of side of your blog dashboard as shown in the image.
"Remember to be a successful blogger you must be an independent learner".
if you have any question use the comment box...happy blogging.


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