Make money from fiverr
I know you might have heard about making money online but don’t know how.i will briefly explain the word Fiverr as a company based in US with over billions of buyers and sellers of all kind of business. I heard about Fiverr in the year 2013, that was my SS3 but I didn’t know about what it but today am glad to be a member of this company where guys make money just for writing.

What is fiverr?
Who wants to know you? Hello! I will explain this in a lower key. Fiverr is an online market where people buy and sell their talent; this company has over billions of traders

How Do I Join Fiverr?
Good question, visit the website using this URL:  From the right hand side of the website you will find Join-sign up.
Click on join
Fill the form that would pop up
Go to your email address and verify your Fiverr account 

How Do I Make Money on Fiverr?
After a successful registration on Fiverr, dear you are good to go; products on Fiverr are called Gigs”. Gig is your market, like what you intend to sell. So the first thing to do on Fiverr is to setup an amazing profile about yourself, then proceed to GIGs.
On Fiverr we use term like “I will” so from your dashboard you will find how to post a Gig by just scrolling down the drop down menu. Setup your Gig, To start making money because knowledge is wealth, your Gig must be amazing and catchy to attract buyers for you. 

How Do I Get Paid On Fiverr??
I believe nobody works without been paid, before I taught this was Naija mentality but it’s everywhere. Fiverr has two methods of payment in which one of the methods, Nigeria were banned, PayPal banned Nigerians from using their online banking because of fraud.

Fiverr Revenue debit card is what you earn from level one on Fiverr to enable you receive your cash from Fiverr. On level one you can apply for this card and it would be delivered to you in Nigeria.

Fiverr will block your account if you receive payments without delivering the order.

Fiverr will block your account if you are an impersonator.
I will post an article on to receive Fiverr revenue card .
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