How to never lose a text message again in your android smart phone method 1

I decided to share this guide because I know how it feels to delete an important message on your phone and later realising that you needed some details in it . For this reason it is better to setup a way of retrieveing this messages back when deleted.


  •  Go to your your phone main menu and click messaging. checkout the screenshot below for workthrough.
  • Then when you enter your message locate your message menu and click.

  •   Then click settings

  • Now the settings environment is open then click delete old messages as limits are reach

  • Next click text message limits

  • Click 500

  • Click set. then click message storage and choose sim card

That's all you have successfully set your messages to be restored when deleted.

To retrieve your deleted messages click MANAGE SIM CARD MESSAGES.
Note you only see messages that was deleted after this settings was made
You can now see all your recently deleted messages.

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