How to never lose a text message again in your android smart phone method 2

With this free app you can be able to retrieve your lost messages despite being deleted from your inbox.
Follow the simple step below

  • Download SMS backup and restore from googleplay. to download [Click here]
  • Once you've downloaded and installed SMS Backup & Restore, open the app then tap 'Backup'
  • Next, choose what exactly you want to create a backup of, then - crucially - tap 'Local Backup and Upload' if you want to send your backup to Google Drive, Dropbox or an email address. When you're ready, tap OK.

SMS backup and restore is easy to use
Hit Backup, select what you want to save and where, then tap OK - simple. Restoring your backup is explained clearly too

  • If your backup's stored in the cloud, tap the menu icon (three dots) at the top right, then 'Load from' and select whichever cloud service it's stored on.

You can backup your messages up to cloud storage, then restore them easily
  • There are plenty of extra options in SMS Backup & Restore, such as scheduled backups and password protection. You can find these by tapping the menu icon at the top right of the app's home screen, then 'Preferences'.

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