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How to Root techno, gionee and other android mtk phones without pc

Rooting is no grammer to most android users. But in case you are new to android rooting is simply the process of allowing android users to attain some privileged control (known as root access) over subsystem.

When android users root their phone they gain access to administrative (superuser) permission. With these permission they can gain acess to the following benefits;

Admin Your DeviceFlash a Custom ROMFlash a Custom Kernel. Tweak the Dark Corners of Android Remove Preinstalled CrapwareBack Up Your Phone for Seamless TransitionsBoost Your Phone's Speed and Battery LifeBlock Ads in Any AppAutomate EverythingUnlock Hidden Features and Install "Incompatible" AppsNow that you know some of the derived benefits of rooting your phone, let me now guide you on how to root your android phone device.

Requirement Your android smartphoneBattery should not be less than 60%Root app ( Root master)Lastly go to your phone menu>> settings>>security>> tick unknown sources. 


You need payoneer for your internet banking

Online internet banking is a system allowing individuals to perform banking activities in his/her convenience, it can be at home, offices, e.t.c  via the internet.

Now that you know the meaning of online internet banking let me introduce to you PAYONEER
Payoneer is a financial services business that provides online money transfer and e-commerce payment services. Payoneer is a registered Member Service Provider (MSP) of MasterCard worldwide. The company is headquartered in New York City with R&D offices in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Payoneer provides cross-border wire transfers, online payments, and refillable debit card service for businesses and working professionals.
Payoneer account holders have the option to receive funds into their local bank account or e-wallet, or via a re-loadable prepaid debit card, which is issued through MasterCard and can be used at ATMs or at the point-of-purchase.

As of 2015, Payoneer is available for more than 100 currencies in 200 countries including nig…

How to never lose a text message again in your android smart phone method 2

With this free app you can be able to retrieve your lost messages despite being deleted from your inbox. Follow the simple step below

Download SMS backup and restore from googleplay. to download [Click here]Once you've downloaded and installed SMS Backup & Restore, open the app then tap 'Backup'Next, choose what exactly you want to create a backup of, then - crucially - tap 'Local Backup and Upload' if you want to send your backup to Google Drive, Dropbox or an email address. When you're ready, tap OK.
SMS backup and restore is easy to use
If your backup's stored in the cloud, tap the menu icon (three dots) at the top right, then 'Load from' and select whichever cloud service it's stored on.
There are plenty of extra options in SMS Backup & Restore, such as scheduled backups and password protection. You can find these by tapping the menu icon at the top right of the app's home screen, then 'Preferences'.
Thats all don't forget …

How to never lose a text message again in your android smart phone method 1

I decided to share this guide because I know how it feels to delete an important message on your phone and later realising that you needed some details in it . For this reason it is better to setup a way of retrieveing this messages back when deleted.


Go to your your phone main menu and click messaging. checkout the screenshot below for workthrough. Then when you enter your message locate your message menu and click.
  Then click settings
Now the settings environment is open then click delete old messages as limits are reach
Next click text message limits
Click 500
Click set. then click message storage and choose sim card
That's all you have successfully set your messages to be restored when deleted.

To retrieve your deleted messages click MANAGE SIM CARD MESSAGES. Note you only see messages that was deleted after this settings was made You can now see all your recently deleted messages.

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How to unlock android smart phones after pattern limit exceeded

We all lock our android smart phones for some reasons best known to us. And sometimes when someone tries to unlock our android phones, they are not able to unlock it. sometimes they make several atempt hoping they might be able to unlock it, and ends up using the exceeded limit.
If that is the case of yours panic not because in this article i will be guarding you on how to unlock your smart phone.
  There are two ways of fixing these problem

Method 1

Just  signin to your gmail account then you you will be directed on how to fixed it.
These method works if only you have synchronized your phone with your gmail account. If you know you never synchronized your phone to your gmail account while you still have access to it then try method two.

Method two

These method involves resetting your phone factory settings.
Follow these simple steps,

1. Power off your android smartphone.

2 press and hold the following side keys on your smart phone in these order;
up volume key and power button key at the same …

Make money from fiverr

Image I know you might have heard about making money online but don’t know how.i will briefly explain the word Fiverr as a company based in US with over billions of buyers and sellers of all kind of business. I heard about Fiverr in the year 2013, that was my SS3 but I didn’t know about what it but today am glad to be a member of this company where guys make money just for writing.

What is fiverr? Who wants to know you? Hello! I will explain this in a lower key. Fiverr is an online market where people buy and sell their talent; this company has over billions of traders
How Do I Join Fiverr? Good question, visit the website using this URL:  From the right hand side of the website you will find Join-sign up. Click on join Fill the form that would pop up Go to your email address and verify your Fiverr account 
How Do I Make Money on Fiverr? After a successful registration on Fiverr, dear you are good to go; products on Fiverr are called Gigs”. Gig is your market, …